Year Round Beers


Style: Coconut Porter ABV: 6.4% Norm Penn’s signature beer, CocoNorm is a Robust Porter brewed with a fusion of dark malts and lightly toasted organic coconut. With a rich toasted aroma and smooth, easy-drinking chocolate and coconut flavors, you can’t help but picture yourself relaxing in a tropical paradise, without a care in the world, watching the waves roll in.

Brother Noah

Style: Belgian-Style Stout ABV: 7.8% Smooth and decadent, this velvety chocolate Belgian Stout was brewed in honor of the owner’s chocolate-loving son Noah, with two different chocolate malts, cocoa powder, oats and a touch of lactose to increase its already full mouthfeel. If that isn’t dessert enough, we also added 14lbs each of French Broad Chocolate Peruvian and Nicaraguan nibs to the secondary fermentation. Booming notes of chocolate richness abound with prominent notes of dark fruits. The Belgian yeast brings it together for a drier finish.

Brother Joe’s Coffee Stout

Style: Belgian-Style Stout ABV: 7.8% We were thrilled to bring our love of coffee and beer into fruition earlier this year with the opening of Brother Joe’s Coffee Pub in South Asheville. Having coffee in close proximity to our small batch brewing operations has its benefits! This small batch beer is our Brother Noah Belgian Stout, aged on medium-roast Pennycup Co. coffee beans. Rich, dry, chocolatey notes of Peruvian and Nicaraguan French Broad Chocolate cacao nibs meld perfectly with roasty and smoky coffee beans to produce out of this world aromas that are matched by its deep, complex flavors.

Abby Blonde

Style: Belgian Blonde ABV: 7.3% A classic Belgian style, named after the owner’s daughter and made with Franco-Belges pilsener malt, wheat, and traditional sugar. This slightly hazy, golden brew was fermented with our in-house Belgian yeast strain offering a plethora of flavors that include banana, light clove and other pleasantly spicy phenols.

Screaming Monk

Style: Belgian-Style IPA ABV: 7.1% Imagine a Monk on the top of a quiet mountain, taking a sip of this beer, and screaming “I Love Hops!” This beer is jam packed with citrus and earthy hops, well-complemented by its Belgian fruity esters. Body and bitterness balance to give an experience aggressive enough for the average hop-head, and complex enough for an appreciator of Belgian-styles.

Tricky Monk

Style: Belgian Tripel ABV: 9% Bright spicy and peppery phenols, with citrusy esters to compliment its hops and slightly sweet malt overtones. Take care, or this Tripel will trick you into thinking it is a low ABV beer, when in fact, it comes in pretty big at 9% ABV!

Clever Monk

Style: Saison ABV: 6.3% Straight up and to the point, our Clever Monk is a nod to the traditional Belgian-style saisons we know and love. It shines golden blonde with a floral and spicy bouquet that precedes its rustic flavor notes of light grains, fruity yeast, mild earthy and herbal bitterness and a crisp, dry finish. Brewing science meets historical inspiration in this clever interpretation.

Wiser Monk

Style: Table Beer ABV: 4.3% Working for the weekend? There’s a beer for that. This crushable beer is crisply carbonated with mild hints of fruit and spice on the nose, flavors of light grains, and a trace of herbal hop on its clean finish. It’s light and drinkable, so you can enjoy a few to take you through the week, and get closer to your weekend warrior. This Monk’s for you.

Easy Gose

Style: Gose ABV: 4% Our Easy Gose goes down easy! This light and sessionable brew is our gateway sour beer– thirst quenching and just tart enough to tempt your taste buds without too much pucker. Our Easy Gose is a light golden hue, brewed with pilsner and wheat malts, coriander and Mediterranean sea salt for bright, citrus-forward, slightly briny satisfaction.

Cherry Gose

Style: Gose ABV: 4% The base is a tart German wheat beer brewed with pilsner malts, coriander and an addition of Mediterranean sea salt to replicate the typically saline profile of Leipzig water. A ruby hue, the bold addition of montmorency cherry both enhances and complements its pleasantly tart profile.

Holy Wit

Style: Belgian Witbier ABV: 5% Water is great and all, but Thirsty Monks prefer to baptize their thirst with beer. And what better spiritual sipper than this quenching, tasty Witbier with hints of citrus and a warming touch of spice. We called upon wheat malts, coriander, orange zest and our house Belgian yeast to create this divine drinking experience. It took a little more than just 7 days to create, but Holy Wit!, it’s good…

Past Life

Style: Belgian-Style Amber Ale ABV: 5% Legend has it, our owner was a Monk in a past life. Inspired by his journey through time, we brewed a beer that transcends the present, pleasing the palates of all who cross its path in this lifetime and beyond. Smooth, mellow and malty, this Belgian amber ale guides you in with entrancing notes of toasted bread, caramel and dried apricot, apple and pear before returning you to the present with an earthy hop awakening. One sip of our Past Life and you’ll want to take it with you to your next one.

Monk Lite

Style: Low Calorie Ale ABV: 4.2% Our low calorie crusher, packed with flavor! Monk Lite has only 97 calories and 3 grams of carbs per serving, with the full flavor of a craft beer for a fraction of the guilt. Pilsner, honey, wheat and Vienna malts provide complex body, while EKG, Mosaic and Amarillo hops lend yummy tropical, citrus, and stone fruit flavors. An extra large dry hopping charge of Callista hops gives Monk Lite its refreshing finish.