Seasonal, Small Batch and Specialty Beers

Roaring Monk

Style: Belgian-Style Imperial IPA ABV: 9% Big Belgian yeast character is matched with equally big and juicy additions of Galena, Centennial, Simcoe and Citra hops in this Belgian DIPA. Spice leads into a bold and fruity citrus bitter finish…complex, layered, and LOUD!

Farmhouse IPA

Style: Farmhouse Ale ABV: 5.7% Classic Belgian spice gets a Pacific Northwest hop infusion in our new-school take on a Farmhouse Ale. Bright and tasty from start to finish, our Farmhouse IPA is bone dry, effervescent and crisp, with notes of white pepper, fresh cut grass, a touch of tropical fruit, lemon peel, Citra-imparted grapefruit and a touch of yeasty farmhouse complexity.

Fall Harvest Ale

Style: Pumpkin Beer ABV: 7% A liquid tribute to Autumn in Asheville, our Fall Harvest Ale was brewed with locally sourced, pit-roasted Cushaw and Pie Pumpkins, Patchwork Urban Farms sweet potatoes, and a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Notes of pie crust, toasted biscuit, harvest spices, dried fruits and an earthy bitterness give way to a dry finish, pairing perfectly with the crisp mountain air. Perfect for watching the leaves fall as cooler temperatures set in.


Style: Winter Ale ABV: 7% Made for sipping next to a cozy wood stove fire, our Winter Ale is brewed with freshly grated nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon, with just a hint of vanilla bean. The classic, cold weather spice blend shines through on the nose, and plays with malt flavor for a balanced and full finish.


Style: Belgian Dubbel ABV: 7.5% A tasty Belgian-style Dubbel Ale, conceptualized and brewed by the ladies of Thirsty Monk in honor of the Pink Boots Society NC Chapter! Brewed with organic black mission figs and turkish apricots to accentuate and complement the fruity esters of our in-house yeast strain. Balanced by a malt bill with the addition of Belgian Dark Candi sugar for rich toast, lightly nutty, and milk chocolate flavors. Finishes nice and dry.

Honey Citrus Tripel

Style: Belgian Tripel ABV: 9% This Tripel is pure sunshine in a glass, ripe with bright, citrusy aromas from Mandarina Bavaria and Citra hops, complemented by delicate floral notes from an addition of Haw Creek’s Wildflower Honey. On the finish, its citrus hop flavors are further accentuated by the addition of lemon and grapefruit zest from our Asheville brewer’s family trees that were freshly picked on their farm in Arizona.

Vanilla Caramel Cream Stout

Style: Cream Stout ABV: 8.5% Layers of luscious dessert without overwhelming sweetness will leave you craving this Cream Stout. Savor aromas of vanilla and chocolate pudding with a touch of roast and raisins. Indulge in creamy smooth vanilla and caramel flavors, with notes of a snickerdoodle cookie, and a lightly bittersweet, lingering finish.