Welcome to Brother Joe’s Coffee Pub, where you can find a great cup of joe by day, and a great beer by night. We’re South Asheville’s spot to relax and enjoy beers on tap from Thirsty Monk Brewery, as well as Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee on tap from PennyCup Coffee Co., a variety of natural sodas, and a fresh, locally-made, light cafe menu with bakery products made using Thirsty Monk Brewery spent grain.

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20 Gala Dr. #101, Asheville, NC, 28803 828.505.4564

Tap Lists

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Thirsty Monk Past Life Belgian Amber
Thirsty Monk Abby Blonde
Thirsty Monk Abby Strawberry Blonde
Thirsty Monk Brother Noah
PennyCup Co. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
Thirsty Monk Baere Monk Grisette
Thirsty Monk Hazy Monk
Thirsty Monk Screaming Monk
Thirsty Monk 7 Monks
Thirsty Monk Farmhouse IPA
Thirsty Monk Wiser Monk